By Thomas B. Ward

Blending prime medical study with actual existence reports, Creativity and the Mind is helping readers unencumber their inventive power and embody trade methods of puzzling over daily problems.

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The point is, in using analogies to understand something new, do not be misled by pure surface similarities and differences. It is the deeper similarities that are more important. As with the process of abstraction, analogies can help us to narrow down the set of properties that are worth considering. Later, we will see how creative individuals use analogies in invention, writing, art, and science. Again, knowledge is good because it allows us to map useful properties from one domain to another, particularly if we focus on the higher-order relations that link separate objects.

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For instance, we might develop a new eating implement by taking the familiar fork and varying the length and shape of its handle, the material from which it is made, the number, size, and separation of its tines, and so on. We might assemble a tasty new sandwich by experimenting with different combinations of all the types of breads, CONCEPTS AND CREATIVITY _ _ _ _ 39 meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments we can think of. Only our taste buds would tell us if pastrami and provolone on six-grain bread with onions and French dressing would produce a delightful new taste sensation.

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