By Vlad Petre Glăveanu, Lene Tanggaard Pedersen, Charlotte Wegener

This publication covers themes no longer typically linked to creativity that provide us perception into artistic motion as a social, fabric, and cultural method. quite a lot of experts in the humanities and social sciences will locate this attention-grabbing, in addition to practitioners who're searching for novel methods of considering and doing artistic work.

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What I am arguing here is that we certainly have at least an element of craft in most, if not all, other areas of creative production. And it is precisely this element that contributes to them actually being considered ‘creative’. This is because, outside the specific knowledge and abilities required by high-level performance in art, science and technology, the medical field, and so on, the embodied, material, patterned and yet flexible ways of ‘doing’ things – craftsmanship – offers the real ground for a masterful performance.

Developmentalists commonly describe the child’s trajectory from egocentrism to decentration (see Piaget, 1973), from a state in which the self and its needs are overpowering and seek immediate gratification to one in which the child becomes aware that others also have a ‘self’. Moreover, the child learns not only to see other as self but, conversely, to 38 Difference understand his or her own self as an other would. This is made possible through social interaction and, in turn, makes possible the development of reflexivity and self-awareness (Mead, 1934; also Chapter 15).

Creativity (re)defined Our thinking about creativity is incomplete, I would argue, without referring to affordances or, more broadly, trying to theorise the role and place of material objects within creative action. From the perspective developed here, creativity is not about generating ideas but, rather, about expanding our action possibilities by perceiving or creating new affordances and exploiting existing affordances in new ways (Gl˘ aveanu, 2012). Gibson had this intuition when he wrote that, ‘the fact that a stone is a missile does not imply that it cannot be other things as well.

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