By Johan F. Hoorn

Creative Confluence is a hugely unique paintings, construction bridges among physics, biology, know-how, financial system, companies, neuropsychology, literature, arts, and cultural historical past. it's an try and clarify the method of creativity as a common precept of nature, slicing throughout the composition of atoms in addition to human layout of novel combos. Creative Confluence is another notable publication and a sequel to Epistemics of the Virtual, indicating that notion and mind's eye function in shut touch. In a transparent and light-weight tone, the paintings holds that rational problem-solving concepts are such a lot suitable in deterministic challenge areas while creativity is pertinent in additional probabilistic events. Theories of creativity and innovation are explored through laptop simulations. Conditionals that desire creativity corresponding to range, tolerance, and openness are mentioned, forwarding a compelling imaginative and prescient of artistic management.

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Moreover, no matter how advanced our measurement tools, the read-out of these instruments is still flawed due to the biases in our sense perceptions (Schrödinger, 1944/2010, p. 163). The “uncertainty principle” as stated by Heisenberg (1952, p. 30) implies that there is a fundamental observation problem, making it impossible to measure two quantities with absolute accuracy – in his case, simultaneously measuring position, direction, and speed of a particle. In addition, there is an ‘observer effect,’ meaning that the very act of observing changes the phenomenon under observation.

Csíkszentmihályi, 1996, p. 128; Simonton, 2009, p. 186). Darwin’s selective retention translates into selection and adaptation of features to improve a creation’s ‘usefulness’ (cf. Kozbelt, Beghetto, & Runco, 2010, p. 20). Darwin’s idea of usefulness is what helps the survival of a group.  Creative Confluence 5. Brain architecture On the neurobiological basis of creative invention, Damasio (2001, p. 59) remarks that the oldest human decision-making function, residing in the diencephalon and brain stem, pertains to biological regulation and survival.

This is a radical jump for which the complete digestive system needs to be redesigned, teeth included. In information processing, creativity requires doing elaborate and labor intensive epistemic appraisals of a highly imaginative future. One should be willing to consider the idea that rabbits will eat meat (starting with worms); just like impala and giraffes chew on bones for calcium intake and certain antelopes eat small amounts of meat to get proteins (Box 2). 5. Two world views leading to three theories The previous section argued that an orientation on survival thrives better in deterministic settings, dealing with well-defined problems.

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