By Lev Dorman

The current monograph in addition to the following one (Dorman, M2005) is because of the greater than 50 years operating in cosmic ray (CR) study. After commencement in December 1950 Moscow Lomonosov nation college (Nuclear and hassle-free Particle Physics department, the crew of Theoretical Physics), my manager Professor D. I. Blokhintsev deliberate for me, as a winner of a crimson degree, to proceed my schooling as an aspirant (a graduate scholar) to organize for Ph. D. in his very mystery item within the framework of what was once in these time known as the Atomic challenge. To my remorse the KGB withheld permission, and that i, including different Jewish scholars who had graduated Nuclear Divisions of Moscow and Leningrad Universities and Institutes, have been confronted with a true prospect of being with none paintings. It used to be our luck that at the moment there has been being introduced into being the recent Cosmic Ray undertaking (what at the moment was once additionally very mystery, yet now not as mystery because the Atomic Problem), and after a while we have been directed to paintings in this undertaking. It was once geared up and headed by means of Prof. S. N. Vernov (President of All-Union component to Cosmic Rays) and Prof. N. V. Pushkov (Director of IZMIRAN); Prof. E. L. Feinberg headed the theoretical a part of the Project.

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Fig. 2 depicts the first famous photograph of the positron's track, obtained by Anderson on August 2, 1932 (for the discovery of positrons in CR CD. Anderson received the Nobel Prize in 1936, together with V. Hess, who discovered CR in 1912). . •. Fig. 2. The first famous photograph of a positron track, obtained by Anderson (19 32). Chapter 1. Cosmic Rays as Object of Research 9 It was the first antiparticle predicted by the new relativistic quantum theory and its discovery was very important for the development of the fundamental basis of elementary particle theory.

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Tyasto, M. A. N. Krjakunova; for great help in correction English in all book - Michael Murat; for many fruitful advices and help in preparing manuscript - Harry BIom, Sonja Japenga, and Language Editor Michael Cole. The Israel Cosmic Ray Center (from 2003 - Israel Cosmic Ray & Space Weather Center) is supported by Tel Aviv University, Technion and Israel Space Agency (Ministry of Science and Technology of Israel). The Israeli-Italian Emilio Segre' Observatory is supported by the Collaboration of Tel Aviv University (ISRAEL) and "Uniroma Tre" University and IFSN/CNR (ITALY).

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