By M. L. Martínez, Norbert P. Psuty

During this booklet, coastal dune experts from tropical and temperate latitudes hide a large set of themes, together with: geomorphology, group dynamics, ecophysiology, biotic interactions and environmental difficulties and conservation. The booklet deals strategies for destiny learn, selecting appropriate issues the place particular wisdom remains to be missing. It additionally identifies administration instruments that may advertise and hold the wealthy variety of the dune environments within the context of constant coastal improvement.

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I n : Oppenheimer, C. ): Handbuch der Biochemie des Menschen und der Tiere 4, Part 2: 446 - 528. W E I N L A N D , E. 1913. Uber einige Aufgaben und Fragen der vergleichenden Physiologie. Sitzungsber. -Med. Sozietät Erlangen 45, 137 - 153. W E I N L A N D , E. 1925. Uber den Gehalt an einigen Stoffen beim Igel im Winterschlaf. Biochem. Z. 160, 66 - 74. W E I N L A N D , E. and von B R A N D , T. 1926. Beobachtungen an Fasciola 22 hepatica C O M P A R A T I V E B I O C H E M I S T R Y OF P A R A S I T E S (Stoffwechsel und Lebensweise).

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