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This booklet will introduce numerous strength administration built-in circuits (IC) layout thoughts to construct destiny energy-efficient “green” electronics. The aim is to accomplish excessive potency, that's necessary to meet shoppers’ starting to be desire for longer battery lives. the point of interest is to review topologies amiable for complete on-chip implementation (few exterior parts) within the mainstream CMOS know-how, so that it will decrease the actual measurement and the producing rate of the units.

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Not only 38 3 Linear Regulators Ii A A Io Io V i B B series−series shunt−series Ii A A V o V o V i B B series−shunt A Vref shunt−shunt A Vin − V in − I ref TIA + + Vout Vout VFB I FB R2 R1 B series−shunt linear regulator B shunt−shunt linear regulator Fig. 3 Four major different feedback topologies and the suitable ones for power supply design should the equivalent source impedance RS be kept at a minimum, the input dependency should be as little as well, meaning that the f function in Vout = f (Vin ) should be very weak.

Iload in this case happens to be the drain current ID of the PMOS pass element. If Iload drops below its nominal value to Iload,1 , VSG will drop in order to source the same amount of Iload , and the operating point moves down from P0 to P4 accordingly. If Iload increases from its nominal value, VSG will need to increase as the operating point move up from P0 to P3 . There is a limit, however, on how much VSG 48 3 Linear Regulators is available from the preceding driving stage. As the maximum VSG curve is reached and Iload continues to rise, the operating point will have to move along the VSG,max curve to the right, which increases VDO and causes the LDO to lose regulation.

Com/192701026 References 31 Burd T, Pering T, Stratakos A, Brodersen R (2000) A dynamic voltage scaled microprocessor system. 881202 Carlson B, Giolma B (2008) Ti white paper: Smartreflex power and performance management technologies: reduced power consumption, optimized performance. pdf Hattori T, lrita T, Ito M, Yamamoto E, Kato H, Sado G, Yamada Y, Nishiyama K, Yagi H, Koike T, Tsuchihashi Y, Higashida M, Asano H, Hayashibara I, Tatezawa K, Shimazaki Y, Morino N, Hirose K, Tamaki S, Yoshioka S, Tsuchihashi R, Arai N, Akiyama T, Ohno K (2006) A power management scheme controlling 20 power domains for a single-chip mobile processor.

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