By J. L. Best, C. S. Bristow (editors)

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Of approximately 3 or 4. Dashed lines in cross sections represent low-flow stage geometry. Lines with solid or open arrows represent loci of maximum flow velocity for high and low flow stage, respectively. Single arrow and E represent potential locations of flow diversion and erosion in response to encroachment of the tributary bar (riffle) of the major channel. GEOMETRY, WATER FLOW, TRANSPORT & DEPOSITION 29 30 J . s . BRIDGE FLOW DEPTH . flow ~ ~ - . ~3~%"~ " "~----~" " 9 9 9 - . 7' :8 6- ~ ~~ ~"~S~" ~z~ ~ EDIATE " .

The crests tend to increase in height and prograde during high flows, particularly near the outer banks where the flow velocities are highest, resulting in increasing Author Q1>Q2 QI+Q2=Q obliquity of the crestlines relative to the flow direction (for the channel geometries of Figs 7 and 9). The crests tend to be eroded at low flow stages, and may become dissected, with higher parts emergent, resulting in a complicated confluence zone (Fig. 9D). These changes in channel geometry are entirely consistent with those that occur in single-channel rivers, where 'riffle' areas tend to be areas of deposition at high flow stages but areas of erosion at low flow stages (Lane & Borland 1954; and many others).

G. Straub 1935; Abdullayev 1973; Ashworth & Ferguson 1986; Bridge & Gabel 1992; Ferguson et al. 1992; Ashworth et al. g. g. Best 1986, 1987, 1988; Roy & Bergeron 1990; Roy & De Serres 1989; Ashmore et al. g. Bridge 1992). Channel geometry associated with multiplerow alternate bars at constant discharge is illustrated in Fig. 7, as a reference for comparison with the geometry of braided channels that may have developed from such alternate bars. When considering the geometry of braided channels it must be remembered that the channels may be developing and widening, or becoming abandoned and filling.

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