Issue #64 | Fall 2014

DATING whereas fats • FETISH FAILS • CYBER attractive instances • PLUS: BEEFCAKE HISTORY!
THE MADAME BUTTERFLY influence: Tracing the historical past of a Fetish | through Patricia Park

LET'S GET electronic: The Prejudices—and Potential—of Gaming and Erotic Roleplaying | through Katherine Cross

THE wondering CONTINUUM: looking Sexuality as a Lifelong procedure | by means of Joshunda Sanders

BLOWING THE finances: Feminist Porn Start-Ups have become Spanked in terms of funds | via Lynsey G

SCANDAL-LESS: Why are woman Politicians proof against intercourse Scandals? | through Hinda Mandell

LOST within the AMAZON: Are electronic Booksellers Suppressing Self-Published Erotica? | via Kate Larking

CAST apart: the hot television upward thrust of the Black Mistress | via Phoebe Robinson

ROCK OF a while: Ellen Willis's Daughter Discusses her Mother's most recent Anthology and Ongoing impact | by way of Alyxandra Vesey

BUTTS, BEEFCAKES, AND BURT: 40 Years of Playgirl Covers | through Lydia Craig

FALLING IN SELF-LOVE: One Comics Artist's Self-Help trip | via Yumi Sakugawa

IT'S no longer ME, IT'S YOU: The Absent discussion round fats Women's Sexuality | via Lisa C. Knisely

NOT precisely GANG AFFILIATED | through Eesha Pandit
UNCLE SAM wishes YOU– yet no longer YOUR HAIR | via Mali D. Collins
DECODING GENDER DISCREPANCY IN NEW TECH exhibits | by means of Hannah Steinkopf Frank
PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST | via Elizabeth Hewitt
CECI N'EST PAS UN "BAD BREAKUP" | through Éloise Bouton
SHE-HULK VS. THE SCREENWRITING SLEAZE | by way of Brandann Hill-Mann
BITCH IN: Transgender legislations heart | by way of Beck Garrison


Yé-Yé women by means of Kelsey Wallace
Transcuba through Ellie Piper
Komma Lika by way of Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
Parris Goebel by means of Margaret Howie
Smut Peddler by means of Alyssa Favreau
Girls with Slingshots through Alyssa Nabors
Symbology: An A to Z of Archetypes and Epiphanies by way of Suzette Smith
United shades of Amani by way of Hannah Steinkopf Frank
Static tv by means of Andi Zeisler
Quotations by way of ladies via Anna Miller

Bad Feminist: Essays (Roxane homosexual) by way of Joshunda Sanders
Men clarify issues to Me (Rebecca Solnit) through Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
Craftivism: The paintings of Craft and Activism (Betsy Greed, Ed.) through Heather Seggel
My physique is a ebook of ideas (Elissa Washuta) via Samantha Claire Updegrave
Sworn Virgin (Elvira Dones, translated by means of Clarissa Botsford) via Olga Zilberbourg
Scandals of vintage Hollywood: intercourse, Deviance, and Drama from the Golden Age of yankee Cinema (Anne Helen Petersen) through Kelsey Wallace
Making experience of Intersex: altering moral views in Biomedicine (Ellen ok. Feder) by way of Mali D. Collins
The Ministry of skinny: How the Pursuit of Perfection received uncontrolled (Emma Woolf) by way of Crystal Erickson
The Reappearing Act: popping out as homosexual on a faculty Basketball workforce Led through Born-Again Christians (Kate Fagan) through Kate Lesniak
Things I must have informed My Daughter: Lies, classes & amorous affairs (Pearl Cleage) through Tina Vasquez

Comet, Come to Me (Meshell Ndegeocello) by way of Phoebe Robinson
Cry is for the Flies (Le Buttcherettes) by way of Claire Ashton
Bodies and regulate and funds and tool (Priests) by way of Stephanie Nolasco
LP1 (FKA twigs) by means of Katie Presley
¡Aparato! (¡Aparato!) through Abeni Moreno
Cursed to work out the long run (Mortals) by way of Laina Dawes
Yesway (Yesway) through Alley Pezanoski-Browne
Ellis Bell (The chilly and beautiful) via Claire Ashton
Yellow thoughts (Fatima) by way of Hannah Steinkopf-Frank
Nation (Katie Kate) by way of Robyn Caster

Reflections Unheard: Black girls in Civil Rights (Director: Nevline Nnaji) through Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
Runoff (Director: Kimberly Levin) through Lisa Moricoli-Latham
My Atomic Aunt (Director: Kyoko Miyake) through JP Poole
My Prairie domestic (Director: Chelsea McMullan) by way of Rhienne Renée Guedry
Trans X Istanbul (Director: Maria Binder) by way of Elizabeth Hewitt
Redemption path (Director: Britta Sjogren) via Anna Miller
Out within the evening (Director: blair dorosh walther) by means of Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino
Sex(Ed) the motion picture (Director: Brenda Goodman) by way of Hannah Steinkopf-Frank

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There, I tried on the words that still didn’t fit, hoping I could grow into the courage of understanding who or how I was supposed to love properly. A decade ago, when I found myself in love with a woman for the first time, I was living in the Bay Area, a center of free, open sexuality. But my queer (soon-to-be-ex) friends felt that I was not being honest enough, and my friendships with heterosexuals ended as soon as they began quoting chapters of the Bible that outlined my fate for kissing girls and liking it.

Monte Cook Games’s Numenera is an independent, crowdfunded pen-and-paper rpg with a lightweight set of rules (less math and dice rolls, more actual roleplaying) and a heavyweight story. It is set in the “Ninth World”: Earth, one billion years in the future, after eight hyperadvanced civilizations rose and fell. The setting of Numenera is that of a society rather like Game of Thrones but considerably less bleakly patriarchal, and with more explicit magic. That magic comes in the form of the titular “numenera,” the technology left behind by the eight previous civilizations.

But erp isn’t just an esoteric hobby—it’s a steadfast component of many online roleplaying game worlds. Neverwinter Nights, an early online roleplaying game, let player-hosted servers be listed on an in-game portal that allowed players to select player-created multiplayer worlds outside the immediate jurisdiction of the game developers. These “social servers” were universally understood as a polite euphemism for sex servers where erp was the norm, complete with nude avatars, sexy clothing, s & m kit, and more.

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