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military Steals: The military's new curiosity in STEM education
family members perform: A Q&A with Victoria legislations and China Martens

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||| On Stereotypes—Carrying the weight of being strong

||| at the Wall—A rediscovered artist takes on gender and space

||| at the Page—Comics artist Gabrielle Bell dishes approximately her new image novel

::: Co-opting the Coop: What's the genuine rate of homesteading's new hipness?

::: video game Changer—Why gaming tradition permits abuse...and how we will be able to cease it

::: domestic Run—How neoliberalism took over home-makeover shows

::: part the Story—When will Western documentaries become aware of they're utilizing the incorrect lens?

::: The Audacity of Home—POOR Magazine's new paradigm of place

\\\ touring Lite—Why women's commute memoirs get offered short

\\\ Canadian Gothic—Jen and Sylvia Soska's scary-fast ascent

\\\ Hardcore Persona—An excerpt from What Are You Doing the following? A Black Woman's existence and Liberation in Heavy Metal
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Adventures in Feministory Comics: Louise A. Boyd via Meags Fitzgerald

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Best feminism books

Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser: Long Interviews with Hideous Men

There's a major lifestyle of guys who alternate tips, tips, and strategies for seducing ladies. in the final ten years, those underground "pickup artists" have burst into the preferred realization, aided via Neil Strauss’s bestselling publication "The Game" and VH1’s hit fact express "The Pick-Up Artist.

Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and Movement Building Strategy

In the direction of Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and circulate construction method is for activists attractive with dynamic questions of the way to create and help potent routine for visionary systemic switch. Chris Crass’s choice of essays and interviews offers us with robust classes for transformative organizing via providing a firsthand examine the demanding situations and the possibilities of anti-racist paintings in white groups, feminist paintings with males, and bringing girls of colour feminism into the center of social activities.

A Big-Enough God: A Feminist's Search For A Joyful Theology

Maitland, British novelist (Three instances desk, Daughter of Jerusalem, Ancestral Truths, and so forth. ) and Christian feminist (A Map of the hot Country), has the following produced a superbly written publication that's half paean to God and half explication of religion. regardless of its subtitle, it's also a pondering person's seek, not only a feminist's.

The Cambridge Companion to Feminist Literary Theory (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

Feminism has dramatically encouraged the way in which literary texts are learn, taught and evaluated. Feminist literary conception has intentionally transgressed conventional limitations among literature, philosophy and the social sciences as a way to know how gender has been built and represented via language.

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But there is also something mythical about Felicia’s story, and the myth is upheld because what is missing from the story is Jackson’s own voice. On the episode that aired, we never hear the story directly from her, because she and her family have been whisked away for an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World. Instead, show EMHE host Ty Pennington narrates the hard-luck tale of how Felicia lost her house after losing her job as a corrections officer; her husband left after she adopted her sister’s kids, saying that 14 children are “too much;” and though Jackson had applied for housing, an unspecified “they” were unable to find adequate space for such a large family, leaving Jackson to take whatever temporary housing she could find.

Or even a show that didn’t require a savior, whether in the form of Ty Pennington or Vern Yip or a set of brushed-steel appliances. Whether Extreme Makover: Form Edition comes to pass seems unlikely. But as you’re watching neoliberalism take root on one of HGTV’s offerings, keep in mind that the makeover you’re not seeing is the one in our viewing culture, and it stands to last a long, long time. Bree Kessler is completing her PhD in Environmental Psychology and is an assistant professor of health sciences at University of Alaska–Anchorage.

If the husband can commit to gaming less and the wife can commit to nagging him less and not harboring “hidden resentment,” then all will be fixed. After a weeklong renovation that includes creating a few extra bedrooms and bathrooms, adding the inevitable big f lat-screen tv to the living room, and moving the computer into the children’s playroom so Dad will feel guilty that he’s not playing with his children while on the computer, Harris declares at the requisite follow-up visit, one month later, that the family dynamic has changed for the better.

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