By E. P. Abraham, G. G. F. Newton (auth.), David Gottlieb, Paul D. Shaw (eds.)

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40 GOTTLIEB: portion when unlabeled glycerol was the major carbon substrate (VINING, 1964). Since glucose can be transformed into these 3-carbon chains one would also expect it to contribute to the side chain of pNPS, especially if phosphoenolpyruvic acid were the direct precursor. Probably glucose degradation by the normal Embden-Meyerhof pathway does not allow enough glycerol or phosphoenolpyruvate to accumulate and supply the side chain. Table 5. 8 [Lcjmmole) was added 18 hr after the start of the fermentation.

Under our experimental conditions, the organism produced up to 2 mg of hadacidin per day per milliliter of culture. The equivalence of formate and the p-carbon of serine suggested a very active C-1 metabolism, and it seems reasonable to suppose that this is a consequence of the organism's need of an active formate for hadacidin synthesis. It should be stressed that the rapid incorporation of formate and glycine represents de novo synthesis of hadacidin. Control experiments demonstrated that hadacidin is a stable end-product of metabolism.

If we accept N-hydroxyglycine as an intermediate in hadacidin biosynthesis, we may conclude that N-hydroxyglycine is formed by oxygenation of glycine. Table 4. 206 l80S It is also interesting that in the experiments using molecular oxygen, in which a 95 % oxygen atomsphere was employed, the increase in partial pressure of oxygen consistently resulted in a 2- to 3-fold increase in hadacidin production over flasks with an air atmosphere. vored by highly aerobic conditions, and it seems reasonable to postulate that the oxygenation reaction is the rate limiting step in hydroxamate synthesis.

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