By Osho

Spontaneous talks given by way of Osho in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Osho at the same time solutions our such a lot own and existential questions and takes us to the edge of the vastness of life -- on hand to us all when we step past the slender confines of the brain ... past psychology and into cognizance.

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It would not be able to control these people, it would not be able to enslave these people. It is better to kill Socrates than let him go on sharpening people's minds to such an extent that the bureaucrats look like fools! Before it happens, it is better to kill him. But the history books go on saying that the people of Athens killed Socrates. Now, I saw the people of Saint Nicholas come running to the airport to demonstrate that they are not with the police. And even when I had left their country, a deputation from Saint Nicholas, on their own decision, went to see the president of the country to protest about what had happened in their village.

To save man we have to change the social structure around him, to bring a new man -- because the old has been an utter failure. For ten thousand years at least, we have moved on the same lines -- reaching nowhere. It is time to understand that we have taken a wrong route. It is stale; it leads to death. It does not allow people joy, rejoicing; it does not allow people to sing and to dance. It makes people serious, heavy -- for themselves and for others. In the family are the seeds of all wars, of all religions, of all nations.

And these people started exploiting the great impact that Buddha had left. Now the whole of Asia, millions of people, for twenty-five centuries have followed in the steps of Gautam Buddha, but not a single Gautam Buddha has been created. It is enough proof: two thousand years and not a single Jesus again; three thousand years, not a single Moses again. Existence never repeats. History repeats itself because history belongs to the unconscious mob. Existence never repeats itself. It is very creative and very inventive.

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