By Ethel Rolt-Wheeler, Austin Osman Spare

This ebook is a facsimile reprint and will comprise imperfections similar to marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages.

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But a child, a little girl one is never too old to love a child It is what the chateau wants beyond all else childish laughter, the patter of childish feet. O Richard, think what you have given me hand ' ' ! . . . a little child, me to be with always I die But I till ! good It is ' it is He good that you came leaned on me, almost overcome. understand. Only in my heart ... I could not was a great void a pitiful cry for that childish laughter, the patter of childish feet, which I should never hear.

Then he put his he puzzles you,' continued, with a my No Englishman is like that you are whimsical smile. material, and must have the substance you do not understand that a dream has as actual an existence as a reality. ' If there had ever really been a woman,' I began. I know. ' I took up the curl, examining it curiously. At one time I * Perhaps. hand on Still, there arm. ' is the curl,' he said. It ' : ; We : ' ' had given some study to physiology. But this is not woman's hair,' I remarked, without thought.

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