By Soheil Muhsin Afnan

This publication is an try to current to the overall reader the existence and works of Avicenna, or Ibn Sina, who's past doubt the main provocative determine within the historical past of idea within the East. it's not a defence of him and his process, nor a critique of his philosophy. in the course of his lifetime he used to be intentionally scornful of defenders and critics alike; he couldn't imagine best of them now thousand years have passed by. along with his place amply justified, and after that prolonged interval while his identify held on the lips of physicians and philosophers from the borders of China to the cloisters of mediaeval Paris and Oxford, it kind of feels top to allow him communicate for himself. it's been emphasised that the issues he used to be faced with resulted from the conflicting disciplines of 2 separate cultures introduced head to head. he's for that reason of greater than old curiosity. His angle could be of steerage to these within the East who're assembly the problem of Western civilization; and to these within the West who've but to discover a foundation on which to harmonize clinical with non secular values.

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When the guages came face to face 1 a after the postlan- Arab conquest of the country, Cf. Sadighi : Les Movements religteux iraniens. Cf. Bailey: Zoroastrian Problems. . 43 its two . . AVICENNA Persian had an extensive literature not only in prose but, as has been lately shown, in poetry also. Arabic, on the other hand, in spite of the extensive, poetry was not have survived from that fact that its valuable pre-Islamic and not all the poems that period are authentic, and although there are hardly any traces of the early prose in whose existence some scholars believe, was the language of the conquerors and eventually became that of the administration throughout the Islamic Empire.

The dialect Tahirids, we are told, 2 'had of dan which was to no faith in Persian and the become the cultivated language of the country and which corresponds in But this is Arab not strange when extraction and their supremacy. The Saffarids, name to 'King's English/ remembered that they were of patriotism was confined to political on the other hand, being of Persian it is origin were more attached to the language of their forefathers. ' 3 Evidently in the early stages of its emergence, the vernacular that had suffered such long and rigid suppression was not in a very happy state.

45-51. 3 Cf. 'Awwa: L'sprit * ImtCL, Vol. II, p. 10. critique des Freres de la Purete. 37 AVICENNA They were avowedly eclectic, seeking a synthesis of some sort; and they put forward allegorical interpretations of some of the passages in the Qur'an which must have deeply disturbed the orthodox. They presented their ideas in an encyclopaedic order under the various headings and in a language easy for the common man to understand, which methods upset Baghdad literary circles and caused much speculation as to the authorship of the essays.

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