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Another problem might be failure to use the stored water: No room is then available for an increased inflow, which results in spills. Consequently, it would be poor operating policy not to use all the available stored water in order to provide space for the inflows from the rainy season (if there is one). Base stream flow from groundwater is analogous to spill from a surface reservoir. 4 Mass curve (Rippl dia gram) for a critical (dry) period Given the reservoir size, find the maximum sustained yield [6].

Under the light tone a complex situation is nevertheless analyzed with mathematical rigor, and it should be readily apparent that the techniques and the results can be generalized to real situations for large-scale systems. Downstream from a reach in hydraulic connection with an aquifer (for­ mer river bed), a farmer has been entitled since 1930 to divert a flow of 300 m 3 per week to irrigate his small field. In 1981 a new residential area with a few homes was finished and in December 1981 the developer peti­ tioned for the right to drill a well to supply the residential area.

4. Because the Green and Ampt infiltration model provides good infiltration predictions, it seems reasonable to replace the actual profile at time zero (time being counted from the moment infil­ tration stopped) by the simpler rectangular profile with a uniform value of 6 equal to a limiting value Qe. This limiting value is 6 (almost porosity except for entrapped air) if r*, ratio of surface water supply rate to hydraulic con­ ductivity at natural saturation, K, is greater than 1. If r* is less than 1, 0^ is the solution of the equation: K(Q) = Kkrw(d) = r or krw(Q) = r* (6) where K(Q) is the unsaturated hydraulic permeability and A:rH,(8) is the rel­ ative permeability to water [12].

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