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The Mahadev hills towards the north-east have sub-tropical wet hill forests due to high temperature. Each species of plants has its own maximum and minimum temperature beyond which their life activity ceases (Kochhar, 1967, 10). 9°C has inimical effect on plant growth. In the study area the highest maximum temperature is 43°C which never exceeds the critical limit and is therefore not a limiting factor. 81 Source: Climatological Table of Observatories in India (1931-1961), Government of India, p.

Geological Profile. 2. Physiographic Profile. 3. Drainage. 4. Climatic Profile. 5. Edaphic Profile. Geology and Plants Geology has a profound impact on the nature (Nagi, 1986, 01). It plays a significant role in the formation of soil and vegetation of a region. Soil provides a solid, yet penetrable foundation for plant growth. Thus, the plant growth is determined to a considerable extent by the amount of nutrients in the soil which depends on nature of underlying rocks and is another factor which influences depth of a root system, size and erectness of plant, vigour of the vegetative organs and woodiness of stem.

The range is known by different names in part of the plateau which are described as follows: 1. The Mahadev Hills: The western extension of the Mahadev hills lies to the northern part of the plateau and is stretched from north-east to Morand valley to the west. These hills overlooking the Narmada towards northwards but cut off to the south by a stupendous line of cliffs, overlooking the low hills (Singh, 1971, 569). The hills attend an average height of 700 metres. They are composed of sandstone and partly of crystalline rocks.

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