By Angelo S. Rappoport

Myths and legends are the goods of the preferred brain and of the communal soul of the folk. This, the ultimate publication of Angelo Rappoport's trilogy on old Hebrew myths, offers with the 1st kings of old Israel: tormented Saul, heroic David and clever Solomon. a number of different biblical figures additionally look, together with evil Queen Jezebel, Esther - the savior of her humans, the Prophet Elijah, and trustworthy better halves, treacherous enthusiasts and beggar kings. The Oriental and eu myths that owe rather a lot to Jewish legends also are mentioned - from Merlin the Magician to the origins of the tales that contain "A Thousand and One Nights."

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She fell upon her knees and prayed to the Lord to have pity on her for the sake of His servant David. As she � THE DEAD LION 45 was thus weeping and praying, a great light suddenly rent the darkness of the tomb, and she beheld a white-haired old man with a shining and benevolent countenance. by the hand, he led her through tortuous and winding subterranean passages until they reached the open. " The woman opened her mouth to thank the wonderful old man, but he had already vanished. In the meantime the kadi, accompanied by his officials, arrived before the gate of the tomb, and orders were given to seize the woman and lead her to the place of execution.

168; V I , pp. 25-26. "' Nlidrash Tehillim, s. 4; 18, 27; 57, 3; Midrash Samuel, 19, 6; see also A. Rosner, David's Leben, 1908. p. iii. THE DEAD LION 43 him on the day of the Last Judgment. On the day on which the Lord will have redeemed His people and accomplished His loving kindness to the seed of Isaac, He will make a ban­ quet for the righteous. The throne of David will be placed by the side of the Throne of Glory. At the end of the banquet a blessing will have to be said over a cup of wine.

III, pp. 87-

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