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It causes extensive damage to wooden jetties and boats. Although squids and cuttlefish do not look like snails and clams, they are related to them. They are very active and intelligent. They have shield-sha ped bodies, which are wide in cuttlefish but narrow in squids . Near the head are eight short and two long, fleshy arms on which there are many suckers. The animal presses these against its prey, creates a vacuum , and is thus ab le to hold its prey. When disturbed, squtds and cuttlefish throw out an inky brown fluid.

The pipe fish, which is a cousin of the sea horse, has a pair of flaps, instead of a pouch, on' the male's belly. The eggs are kept here till they Sea horse I hatch . Many catfishes carry their eggs inside their mouths, remaining hungry until they hatch. When the catfish is caught and landed, it spits out the Mermaid's purses marble-sized eggs in its death throes . Parental care in the airbreathing dwarf gourami and Indian paradise fish goes much further. When the male isready to mate, it makes a nest by blowing hundreds ofstickyair bubbles from its mouth .

The limpet shell is shaped like a flattened cone. The animal selects a flat surface on a rock and stays here during the day. At night, it travels a few metres to browse on algae, but always returns to the same resting-place by dawn . With time, a shallow pit develops in the stone at this place. Snails have a coiled shell inside which their soft bodies can be withdrawn. A tongue-like, slimy foot helps them to crawl slowly. The snail's ribbon-like tongue has many minute teeth on its surface, like a mechanic's file; it uses this to scrape offfood or even to bore holes.

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