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My purely genuine criticism is this booklet doesn't spend any actual time conversing approximately Access.

If you simply learn this ebook you are going to imagine you needed to do every little thing via VBA. i will not give some thought to too many purposes to create a desk at runtime other than with a query.

The ebook is additionally a bit lite on actual global examples.

A great booklet while you are construction a library of entry books.

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To return to a one-window display, drag the split line all the way to the top of the Code window or choose Window | Split again. Two icons are at the bottom of the Code window. The Procedure View icon displays only one procedure at a time in the Code window. To select another procedure, use the Procedure drop-down box. The Module View icon displays all the procedures in the selected module. Use the vertical scroll bar in the Code window to scroll through the module’s code. The Margin Indicator bar is used by the Visual Basic Editor to display helpful indicators during editing and debugging.

The Option Explicit statement will cause Visual Basic to generate an error message when you try to run a procedure that contains undeclared variables. ¥Hands-On 3-5: Forcing Declaration of Variables 1. Return to the Code window where you entered the CalcCost procedure (see Hands-On 3-4). 2. At the top of the module window (in the first line), enter Option Explicit and press Enter. Visual Basic will display the statement in blue. 3. Position the insertion point anywhere within the CalcCost procedure and press F5 to run it.

9. To test your On Got Focus event procedure, activate the Customers form and choose View | Form View. 10. Click in the ContactName text box and notice the change in the background color. 11. Now, click on any other text box control. Notice that the ContactName text box does not return to the original color. So far, you’ve only told Visual Basic what to do when the specified control receives the focus. If you want the background color to change when the focus moves to another control, there is one more event procedure to write — On Lost Focus.

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