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Sonia Faleiro was once a reporter looking for a narrative whilst she met Leela, a stunning and charismatic bar dancer with a narrative to tell.

Leela brought Sonia to the underworld of Bombay’s dance bars: a global of glamorous ladies, of fierce love, intercourse and violence, of consumers and gangsters, of police, prostitutes and pimps.

When an bold flesh presser cashed in on a tide of fake morality and had Bombay’s dance bars burnt up, Leela’s proud independence confronted its maximum try out. In a urban the place virtually everyone seems to be definite that somebody, someplace, is worse off than them, she fights to outlive, and to win.

Beautiful factor, essentially the most unique works of non-fiction from India in years, is a vibrant and intimate portrait of 1 reporter’s trip into the darkish, pulsating and eventually broken soul of Bombay.

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Repeat introduction. Repeat chorus. Man with arms folded on chest, girl with hands on hips; take one schottische step diagonally forward away from one another followed by one schottische step diagonally forward towards one another, man commencing L foot, girl R. (diamond schottische). With peasant hold take four step hops clockwise, progress in 1 o d. Repeat C Bars 1-4. Dance may be repeated finishing with introduction. LIST OF Instructions Volume No. m. Record No. Kreuzpolka Haxenschmeisser Boarischer Hiatamadl (Austria) 2 EP1 Waldjager Stoittera P a s c h e r Siebenschritt Veitscher Shiboleth Basadeh (Israel) Datchko Kolo (Jugoslavia) (Austria) Masur Hoi Harmonica (Israel) 3 EP2 Mayim Mayim Cherkessia Karapyet (Israel) Alunelul Kfula (Rumania) (Israel) Kuma Echa (Israel) (Russia) Neopolitan Tarantella Wrona Gapa (Poland) Meitschi Putz-di (Italy) (Switzerland) 1 EP3 Kiigadi-Kaagadi Fyrtur (Estonia) Kreuz Koenig (Norway) Hakke Toone (Germany) (Holland) 1 Kohanochka (Russia) Fyrmannadans (Sweden) Die Woaf (Austria) Schwarzwalder Mazurka (Germany) 2 Fjallnas Polska (Sweden) Viru Vals (Estonia) Schottische (Denmark) Bourree Poursuite (France) EP4 Schottische (Sweden) Snurrebocken (Sweden) Jooksu Polka (Estonia) Sadala Polka (Estonia) EP5 1 Gammel Reinlender (Norway) Sanftenberger (Germany) Kleiner Kolomeyka (Carpathia) Hopak (Ukraine) Kokotek Schottisch (Germany) (Poland) EP6 2 Fyrraanna S c h o t t i s c h e ( S w e d e n ) T a r a n t e l l a Gamboliner Holzschuhtanz (Germany) Laura (Sicily) (Poland) La Bourree Croisee (France) La Bourree Pastourelle (France) D a n c e of t h e H a m m e r s m i t h s ( G e r m a n y ) W i n d m i l l ( G e r m a n y ) EP7 3 Kalamies (Estonia) Kivi Kasukas 3 (Estonia) L a B o u r r e e D r o i t e du P a y s F o r t Verde Gaio (Portugal) (France) Gota (Portugal) EP8 4 Kettengalopp La Virgencita (Switzerland) Appenzeler Klatschwalzer (Switzerland) (Mexico) Kol-Dodi (Israel) Palestinian Hora (Israel) Bona Habanot (Israel) Ridee de Baud (France) Fist P o l k a (Finland) EP9 4 Kadrilj fran Ovraby ( S w e d e n ) B r a n l e de C o n n a y B o u r r e e d e la C h a p e l o t t e (France) (France) Hora Nirkoda Debka Halel Hora Neurim Hein Hroa Haktana Yerunan EP10 5 Ahavat Hadasa Vayiven Uziyahu Erev Ba (Israel) Debka Dayagim Debka Ha'abir Available (Uria) as records or cassettes M r s .

Ballroom hold, girl with back to 1 o d;with 1 schottische stepman moves forward in 1 o d swinging girl towards centre. Repeat Bar 1 swinging girl outwards. Without changing hold take 4 step hops forward in 1 o d turning clockwise (2 complete turns). Repeat Bars 1-4. Repeat B Bars 1-2, partners holding R hands, L hands on hips; man in SWEDEN Bars 3-4 Bars 5-8 A Bars 1-4 Bars 5-8 B Bars 1-2 Bars 3-4 Bars 5i8 C Bars 1-2 Bars 3-4 Bars 5-6 Bars 7-8 A Bars 1-2 Bars 3-4 Bars 5-8 B Bars 1-2 B a r s 3-4 Bars 5-8 SWEDISH SCHOTTISCHE 35 1 o d, girl dancing 1 schottische step diagonally towards centre and one away from centre.

Repeat B Bars 1-8. Repeat without pause a s often a s desired. jOf A B a r s 1-8 B Bars 1-8 Bar 9 Bar 10 33 Couple dance in 1 o d. Hambo tempo. P e a s a n t hold; couples dance 8 hambo s t e p s clockwise. Couple turn to face 1 o d, open peasant hold; commencing with outside feet, small running steps forward with slight accentuation on first beat of each bar. In second half of Bar 8 couple turn to face one another; music slower. In first half of bar, feet together, hands on hips, man bows from the hips with straight back; girl gives a peasant curtsey: in second half of bar the couple turn away from one another (man L , girl R ) .

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