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Two enemies: capitalism as liS exemplified 31 31 A Life for Africa A white indusindus. a government government by now largely dominated by white trialists and the major white, white trade unions. In ten years the white miners' miners' wages had risen by m()re more than fifty per cent, the African African miners' by only nine. Again, what was to be be expected ? expected? The African socialist socialist leaders leaders were by now making friends across the world, including Moscow. ICow. As in other countries, countdes, the left movements, split and quarrelled quarrelled more bitterly than if they had been genuine enemies.

His education have: been, time. on mainly academic; lie he knew his classics. ~ a Law career. r already a IItrongt~r stronger Brain 1l1rcady would have approved, but had Bmm feeling lor for justice? justice? Thabuic, the He would, for instance, have looked at Itt Thabuic, mil". white horse carved carved into the ridge of hill only three miles horw of King This had been the hOl'8Il from Bloemfontein, Bloemfontein. Thill 29 29 A Life for Africa Lerotholi of Lesotho, the second after wise King Moshweshwc.

And of the various other African ()rgallizatiolls organizations and trade unions, were asking quietly but persistently, persistently, for 1\a few moderate reforms. reforms, Their alm aim was "to advance the general prosperity and progress of the country and its general the thin sone it seemed die people". Harmless Harmless enough, but to some edge of the wedge. ~ to be recog recognized as people people and to achieve a small share of human happiness. But even that was too mllch much dignity, freedom and happiness.

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