By Alexander Marshak, Anthony Davis

Advancements in third-dimensional cloud radiation during the last few many years are assessed and distilled into this contributed quantity. Chapters are authored by means of subject-matter specialists who address a extensive viewers of graduate scholars, researchers, and an individual drawn to cloud-radiation methods within the sun and infrared spectral regions. After introductory chapters and a piece at the basic physics and computational thoughts, the quantity largely treats major program parts: the effect of clouds at the Earth's radiation finances, that is an important element of weather modeling; and distant statement of clouds, specifically with the complex sensors on present and destiny satellite tv for pc missions.

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Of Energy ARM program in 1990, I was under no illusion that we would need to invent the field from scratch. 11 Computer solutions were frowned upon at Caltech in favor of classical analysis, so what little numerical analysis I learned was at night away from the prying eyes of my thesis adviser. J. Wiscombe When I entered the atmospheric radiation field in 1970, it was so small that it hadn’t even had its first AMS conference yet (Tom Vonder Haar organized one in 1972). The subject was primarily viewed as providing computer codes for GCMs – and GCMs then were General Circulation Models, long before they made their clever segue to become Global Climate Models.

Being a plodding reader who can take a good part of a day to absorb a single paper, radiation, with its thin literature, was a good match for me. While the field was not popular, it offered plenty of untilled ground, unlike older areas of atmospheric science. Even some of the simple things hadn’t been done, and adapting and extending ideas and methods from other parts of physics and mathematics could be a real contribution. Thus, I charged in with gusto and made radiation my adoptive field, even to the point of becoming a rather notorious radiation patriot in my earlier days (continuing a long tradition of zealous converts).

1 Scales, Tools and Reminiscences 19 of new instrument development. I have tried to straddle theory, observation, computation, modeling, and new platform and instrument development. This was an exciting challenge, but probably my reach exceeded my grasp. Others have probably succeeded better at Dido’s Problem – stretching limited resources to encompass a vast territory. However, during my odyssey, I have seen almost everything that has occurred for three decades and met most of the players. I hope that by sharing the parts of my odyssey relevant to and parallel to the growth of 3D cloud radiation, I can illuminate the larger milieu in which the fine contributions in this book are set.

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