Find us at: 570 W. Ave 26 #250 • Los Angeles, CA 90065

The Frog Spot

Frog Spot Season Opens Saturday May 28

Located along the breathtaking Elysian Valley bike path, the Frog Spot is Friends of the Los Angeles River’s summer gateway to the L.A. River. The Frog Spot serves as a community gathering space, launch pad for River tours and trips, and an exciting performance venue.

At the Frog Spot, visitors to the river can take a break for a poetry reading, take a yoga class, learn about the about the river’s history and ecology, enjoy a cup of coffee, or see live music on Saturday nights.

Every Sunday FoLAR’s education team presents River Encounters – a series of workshops that take you on a tour of the LA River’s Past, Present, and Future.

Ecology and education meet community and recreation at this unique entry point to the natural bounty and cultural heritage of our city’s revitalized river.

Check out our Events Calendar to see what’s happening each weekend at The Frog Spot, or follow The Frog Spot on Facebook or Twitter.

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