Los Angeles River Source to Sea School Program

FoLAR invites 4th, 5th, or 6th grade teachers and their students to take part in a program which incorporates the Los Angeles River into school curriculum and culminates with an LA River field trip.

Teachers must participate in a Teacher Training Workshop; February date to be determined.

The program runs from February to June, 2014 and includes a three touch series as follows:

1.  Teacher Workshop with Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)

Teachers participate in a Project WET training  with an added LA River emphasis. Participants receive  Project WET curriculum guides. February date to be determined

2.  Outreach School Visit

FoLAR visits your school to conduct an in-class lesson. We focus on the science and history of the Los Angeles River and prepare students for their upcoming field trip.

3.  On-Site River Field Trip

Students participate in hands-on, experiential science at the Los Angeles River. This may include macro-invertebrate studies, water quality monitoring, and other watershed-focused games and activities.

Grants from the Community Foundation of the Verdugosand Southern California Edison make this program possible.

If you think this is something your school might interested please contact, Shelly Backlar at 323 223-0585, to set up at time to talk more about the program.

Watershed Wonders

cover.JPG With funding from the Metropolitan Water District and Boeing, the Friends of the Los Angeles River and the Algalita Marine Research Institute collaborated to create this 116 page resource on the Los Angeles River for watershed educators. This guide contains an L.A. River timeline, lessons on riparian wildlife and habitats, the journey of the Kola Kayak down the L.A River led by Dr. Marcus Eriksen, the impact on plastics on our rivers and oceans, as well as in-class lessons and field labs. Guides are given free of charge for teachers who sign up for in-class presentations, tours, and River cleanups and are interested in continuing their study on the L.A. River!