Sister Sign

In 1995, a working group, Isar-Plan, was founded with the goal of returning the river to a natural and usable state. Comprised of citizens, grass roots organizations, and local and state experts, Isar-Plan began its restoration of the river in 2000. Thus far, eight miles of the Isar have been “re-naturized.” As the river wends past flowered meadows, the citizenry of Munich sunbathes along sandy banks, picnics under shade trees, bicycles along gravel paths and cools off in the river’s waters. Surfers even make use of the rapids! A fishway has been built to promote the upstream migration of aqautic life, and fishermen enjoy their sport here. And the major storm “Norbert” in 2005 — the biggest rainfall in 50 years — had no flood impacts on the city.


In 2011 Friends of the Los Angeles River Founder Lewis Mac Adams and Executive Director Shelly Backlar along with Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom La Bonge dedicated the Isar as a “SISTER RIVER” in a ceremony in Germany.